Johnnybegood's Society Services

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To keep your favorite services at hand, remember to bookmark this page. We will update it each time we add a service.

1) A private cloud, double encrypted and secured in 2FA mandatory, you will get 50Gb of storage for free. (Access on application in pm at @Johnnybegood#5648 on Discord).

2) TEMPORARLY UNAVAILABLE a small site where I share my readings and ebooks with you. If you have ebooks to share, send them in pm to @Johnnybegood#5648 on Discord, I will add them with pleasure !

3) Sharing a whole bunch of stuff.

4) a site where I provide bootable usb key masters full of OS and maintenance utilities. (Access on application in pm at @Johnnybegood#5648 on Discord).

5) A file-sharing site allowing 5GB per file, each kept for a maximum of one month.

6) An encrypted and secured Pastebin without possible access by the administrator with a maximum retention of texts for 1 year with the possibility of collaborative discussion, password protection and destruction after reading. Supports plain text, Markdown and source code recognition.

7) is an Open Source site for downloading ISO images containing the latest system updates or specific versions of the various Windows operating systems.

8) What would the internet be without Kaamelott's cult phrases? You don't want to bother searching the vastness of the internet for audio files? No problem, the most cult ones are on !

9) Create and share beautiful images of your source code.

All of these sites are protected in HTTPS and via HSTS technology guaranteeing impossible access to the site in case of identity theft by DNS spoofing. The DNS security report is available here: